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Thread: Video interacting with Game Play

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    Default Video interacting with Game Play

    I have 6 different Slot Machines in my Family Room. 2 of those are the "Gamera High Grade" and "The Terminator". Both of these have
    Video Screens and I was wondering if anyone knows if there is any interaction between whats showing on the screen at any particular time and how you play the game, or is the video for Entertainment.
    It seems like the video wants you to do something special during different video scenes.
    If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

    Thanks much

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    Default Re: Video interacting with Game Play

    I have video sequences on my Betty Boop. Although I don't really try to decipher everything the game does, I have noticed the the same video will have different outcomes depending on what I do on the spins. Some will guide you as to what order you need to stop the reels in order to achieve a better outcome.

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    Smile Re: Video interacting with Game Play

    Usually they show a win or chance of a win to come.

    thats the time the pros try eyeshooting
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    Default Re: Video interacting with Game Play

    I havn't played them machines but the video does interact on SBJ and Beast Sapp, for instance on Beast Sapp or SBJ if a girl walks on to the screen wearing a blue outfit, most likely you will hit a replay, yellow outfit you will hit bells, etc.. There are more interactions during regular and bonus games but too many to list here.
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    Default Re: Video interacting with Game Play

    I think it would be nice, if you could actually use skill to dictate the outcome of a video interaction. If you have a video interaction in Sinbad Adventure, if u hit the max bet button it just moves on doesnt it. If the machine decided it was bonus time, its bonus time. How about introducing pure skill. Take the genie fight in Sinbad Adventure, this is pure random if you manage to knock his block off and the machine dictates this. How about the manufacturer doing something with real skill. How about something like this for Sinbad Adventure version 2. A timer running, 30 seconds say, to hit as many red sevens using 'eye shooting' the more sevens you hit, the more strength you get over the genie. If you hit a certain point (maybe a strength meter) you beat the genie. Get a bonus or big bonus depending on how well you did.
    Doesnt sound too difficult does it??? clever bunch the japanese.
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