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Thread: Vintage Sankyo RGB LED jackpot mod

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    Default Vintage Sankyo RGB LED jackpot mod

    I wanted to add bit more of a wow factor to my machine so I've added RGB LED strips that run in parallel with the jackpot light so whenever you get a jackpot there is a nice light display. The strip is fitted within the metal door frame so is completely hidden from view and as it's a completely non destructive mod (apart from splicing in a few wires) it can be easily removed.

    The RGB strip controller I'm using remembers it's last setting so I've set it to a fast 7 colour flash, but if you wanted something more subtle it could easily be set to a static colour of your choice.

    The whole thing is running from a standard 9v battery - the RGB strip and controller technically needs 12v but it seems to work just fine at 9v and as it only comes on for a few seconds at a time I don't think the battery will drain too quickly.

    I've uploaded a YouTube video of it in action.

    And here is a picture of how the LED strip is hidden in the frame:

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