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Thread: DIY pachinko machine: how to design a board

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    Default DIY pachinko machine: how to design a board

    Hey all,
    I am a college student, who is trying to create a pachinko machine as a present for my father. I've done some research, but the only designs or methods of making a pachinko machine I've found involve painting on a wooden board and just guessing at pins.

    The thing is, I work in a highly technical workspace that gives me access to laser cutters, 3d printers, etc. I would like to take advantage of this degree of manufacturing when making the pachinko machine, but cannot find any resources, or even designs of other pachinko machines.

    Starting off, I am trying to decide the size of the machine, and design a board. Does anyone know where i can find formulas or designs of how pegs are placed, and how big a board should be?

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    Default Re: DIY pachinko machine: how to design a board

    Welcome to Pachitalk

    your questions are hard.. if your looking to copy a machine then buying a machine to copy would make things allot easier.. if your looking to create something different to all your own, than just go for it.. look at pics and make things how you like..

    If i had the time and ability to make my own i would make one bigger.. not huge but something a little wider something a little taller and something that shoots balls a little faster.. i also like the idea of multi hit pockets.. also where one pocket opens another..

    i could go on for hours..

    neat idea.. Keep us posted when you get started..
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    Default Re: DIY pachinko machine: how to design a board

    Welcome to Pachitalk. Mr.Al made a pachinko machine a couple of years ago. Here is the thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your best bet would be to look at machines from the 40's and 50's that are posted here and try to build something like the early pachinko machines that had a lot fewer moving parts and linkages, doors, etc. Since you are in a major metro area you can probably find a cheap beat up machine to use as a template to get measurements and a nail pattern template. Best of luck. Keep us updated on your progress and any questions you have.

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    Default Re: DIY pachinko machine: how to design a board


    Sounds like a Rad project!!

    I can't really help, but here are a couple links that may be worth looking through!!

    mudfud once replaced a playfield with acrylic..may give you some ideas??

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