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    Default Japanese Pachinko Museums

    I'm trying to figure out which Pachinko museums in Japan are still around (I'm planning a visit soon). There have been many that seems to have come and gone, especially in Tokyo.

    As of August 2019, there appears to be one outside Tokyo still (or at a trip from the city center: )

    The main one I was interested in was the Masamura Pachinko Museum in Nagoya. They seemed to have (or have had) great machines, history, and knowledge. However, I can't confirm they even exist anymore. Lots of inconsistent info online. No web page, no working phone number. Can anyone here add any clarity?

    If you aren't familiar with it, see:

    Masamura declared bankruptcy a few years ago (2010?). The museum was at Jōsai 4-19-6 near Jōshin Station, but apparently is long gone and the building may even have been torn down and replaced. The only phone number online for the museum is tied to this old location: 052-531-3638. I've confirmed the phone number is bad. Most of the online references that specifically say that museum is closed refer to the old location. Some of the online references that suggest it is open also reference the old address, so there is clearly a lot of bad info online (master of the obvious).

    It apparently moved (maybe twice), ending up at 210 Nakasunachō, Tempaku-ku, Nagoya, and then possibly taken over by the Nikko Group or Kyoraku Sangyo Co., Ltd.

    There was one online reference I found suggesting the machines ended up in the archives of the main industry trade association in Japan, but that might have been circa around the time of the bankruptcy. I can't confirm what years 210 Nakasunachō address is from.

    Can anyone add any light on Masamura? Or suggest any other Japanese museums?

    Thanks in advance...

    BTW: On the subject, I found this thread interesting:

    Random tidbit: The thread mentions hostility towards taking photos. This doesn't seem to be a unique experience. On a trip earlier this year to Japan, the coin-op arcades in Akihabara were all pretty hostile to photo taking...

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