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Thread: Neo Planet T El Vision Display Issue Dead Pixels

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    Default Neo Planet T El Vision Display Issue Dead Pixels

    Hello to all,

    First of all, just want to say this is an amazing forum and I知 happy to be here. I currently have 6 pachislo machines and sadly have an issue with one of my favorites. I have 2 machines with el vision but sadly my Neo Planet T (which was given to me by my father-in-law... love that guy) seems to have a display issue.

    Even when the machine is off, you can see a strange area in the right portion of where the screen is. My assumption is that I知 dealing with dead pixels, but since there are far wiser people here and I知 still kind of a newb, I thought I would ask for some help. If anyone has any ideas, I would be very much appreciative. To my knowledge, all visible connections for the el vision display are connected properly and the issue is isolated to the right portion of the screen where the discoloration originates from. If anyone has any ideas or if I can replace the screen, I知 all ears! Thanks in advance!


    (I apologize in advance if I'm sharing links to the images incorrectly, I tried adding directly to my post, but for some reason, it would not allow??)

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    Default Re: Neo Planet T El Vision Display Issue Dead Pixels

    it's possible your pics were too large, there's a 2mb size so you may need to resize them smaller

    Here's our 'How to'

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    Default Re: Neo Planet T El Vision Display Issue Dead Pixels

    Not a screen expert by any means, but you could try checking the screen connectors to see if they have come loose or are dirty. I would try spraying the connectors with CRC electronics cleaner (about $5 /can) to see if it helps.
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    Default Re: Neo Planet T El Vision Display Issue Dead Pixels

    T1.jpg T2.jpg T3.jpg T4.jpg


    Here are the pics!!

    Has is always been like this or is it new??

    I don't really know anything about lcds, but it sort of looks damaged to me??

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