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Thread: Starting my 51st Restoration

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    Default Starting my 51st Restoration

    Just got a machine from a customer who wants a restoration done. She told me it was really dirty and she wasn't kidding!!
    I'm not to worried about the dirt, but the chrome frame really took a beating over the years. Anybody have any good ideas for fixing that problem?
    Here are some photos of the the machine before I get started. I'll post more as the work progresses.

    Interesting story: This machine was purchased in Japan by my customer's grandfather. Her mother fondly remembers playing Pachinko. "Mom" is now getting ready to celebrate her 60th birthday and the restoration will be her birthday present!

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    Default Re: Starting my 51st Restoration

    a member powder coated one a few years back with the right color it could look amazing and a fraction the cost of re-chroming..
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    Default Re: Starting my 51st Restoration

    I've been kicking this idea around for a while. Take some chrome vinyl wrap and cover it with that. The surface would need to be pretty smooth, but it's totally do-able.

    Something like this =>
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    Default Re: Starting my 51st Restoration

    I had really good luck with a silver spray paint. It was Rustoleum Titanium Silver. It doesn't have the smooth mirror finish of chrome. But it looks really good. The door frame on my machine had what I'd call a speckled patina to the chrome. I polished them and painted the parts that were too far gone to save. You can't tell which parts I painted and which I polished.

    Some photos of the finished product are here:

    With something that far gone, another option would be to use a wire wheel brush. It'll strip what's left of the chrome and leave a brushed nickel effect.

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    Default Re: Starting my 51st Restoration

    Remember what Darth Vader said: "Never underestimate the power of a good polishing!" (I may be remembering it a little wrong.)

    I also restore antique typewriters, and a lot of old machines have badly worn/damaged chromed accents. I've found that some 0000 steel wool, judicious application of ultra-fine sandpaper (grading up to 7000-10000), and lots and lots of polishing with a good metal polish can yield surprisingly satisfactory results.

    This was from a 1917 Oliver 9 I restored a few years ago:
    oliver arm before.JPGoliver arm after.JPG

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