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Thread: Any idea what model this is

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    Default Any idea what model this is

    Mostly asking out of pure curiosity. This has been for sale near(ish) me for a while. They're asking $100 which seems a little high unless it's something special.

    The front looks like it says "Nishijin" and it looks like a model B machine. I don't own a model B to compare it to. But looking at pictures there are a couple extra "bumps" on the right side. Or maybe this one just has a plastic cover that's usually missing? What are those orange wires on the right going to? That seems like a weird way to route wires for a jackpot light. Or is that typical on a model B?

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    Default Re: Any idea what model this is

    Standard Nishijin model B. Looks like the orange wire may be going to a jackpot switch. On that model I think depending on which of the fie holes you hit on the center feature the ball routes and opens different tulips.

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    Default Re: Any idea what model this is

    looks good to me.. even has most all its covers.. I don't think 100 is to far out of line.. (i would ask more but sell for less)
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