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Thread: Adjustment hammer & ball gauge

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    Default Adjustment hammer & ball gauge

    Found these at the hardware store yesterday:
    nail tools.jpg
    The hammer is a Hawk brand 8 1/2" hammer with a 1/2" diameter brass head.
    The springs are tubing benders; I took the smallest one, evened out the flared end with my dremel, cut a few lines in the bottom of a ball (also with the dremel), and JB Welded them together.

    The spring is stiff enough that it supports the weight of the ball even when held horizontally.

    Adjusting nails with the hammer is strangely satisfying, compared with the duct-tape-wrapped angled needle-nose pliers I was using previously.

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    Default Re: Adjustment hammer & ball gauge

    everyone keeps recommending I check out this JB Weld stuff...
    WANTED: pre-1950s Japanese machines, スマートボール (Smart Ball), payazzo/kronespill, European vertical games (1890-1970s)
    if you have any of these in North America, let's talk.

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