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Thread: Sammy Daimaou,Genie Theme.

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    Default Sammy Daimaou,Genie Theme.

    Hello, I've posted seeking help on this machine. I'm not able to get the machine to do a hard reset. I've tried all I know how to and it doesn't help. I am also having trouble seeing 2 responses that were posted. Can't seem to navigate this site. My fault I'm sure! Are we allowed to put a direct email link in the post? If any know of a video I can watch on how to,please give me the link.. Please reply.. LJL

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    Default Re: Sammy Daimaou,Genie Theme.

    I'm not sure why you can't see your original thread and or responses, don't know if there is a glitch perhaps but here's the link to your other thread:

    what do you see when you click the link, do you not see the 2 replies directly under your original post, let me know if you don't see them

    Please Note: We do not allow the posting of email addresses in the forums, for your own privacy, or do you mean you want to set up the thread so that it emails you when there are replies to your thread \ posts, if so then simply click 'thread tools' at top right of this thread and select 'subscribe to this thread', it will then open up a dialogue box where it will ask you how you want to be notified and you can select email

    also, I'm not sure if you are doing the Full Reset often referred to as a 'hard' reset here at PachiTalk, the hard reset also involves setting the odds too,

    here are the steps:

    "How To Set the Skill Levels of Your Pachislo


    1. Locate internal key switch, and insert key.
    Note: In order to change odds, machine must be in idle mode with no tokens/coins or credits being played and off.

    2. Turn "reset" key switch to on, to access programming mode.

    3. Turn on machine now.

    4. Depending on machine type, a number from 1 to 6 will be displayed on one of the LED meters on front door.

    5. Locate and push Skill button. Depress button and notice movement of number being displayed in LED meter.

    6. Once desired level is displayed (1 to 6), push down on play handle (Joy Stick) for 10 seconds, and depress both "BET CREDITS" and "COLLECT CREDITS" buttons to lock odds level into machine memory.

    7. Turn "reset" key back to off.

    8. Machine should immediately initialize. If not, turn power switch to the OFF position, wait 15 seconds and turn power switch back to ON position.

    Also just to confirm some additional info (from member Chrisdice) regarding hard reset

    Two switches on the power supply:
    - One requires a soft reset at the end of a bonus.
    - The other pays out all tokens at the end of a bonus.

    For these switches in most cases off is in the down or right position. The for off and on are:

    無 = off

    有 = on

    Let us know how you get on, I;m sure the members here can help with trouble shooting advice if the above reset isn't working for you

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    Default Re: Sammy Daimaou,Genie Theme.

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