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Thread: Sammy Daimaou- Theme Genie.

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    Default Sammy Daimaou- Theme Genie.

    Hello, I have 3 machines. One is A Sammy Daimaou-Genie. The jackpot round was hit and I need to leave the house and had to turn off the machines. It was off for months due to a very bad fall I had at home. All 3 machines were turned off. I just went to try them and two were working fine. One had a E-8 error code which was fixed by a hard reset. The Sammy Genie had an E-1 . I did a hard reset and it keeps playing the bonus round music. I managed to get rid of the music and it takes coins (without making the noise when placing them in) .You can play the machine,but it seems to stay in the bonus round without any action or credits. How can I get it out of that round? If I set it on 6 and have it go into a new bonus round,will that work? Please help.. Thank you LJL

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    It might just want you to keep playing to the end of the bonus rounds. Although I would have thought a hard reset and setting the odds would have cleared that.
    Ian #UKPachinko

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    When things don't go right the 1st time , Step back ,Take a break and come back renewed. RGS

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