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Thread: Rotted out connectors

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    Default Re: Rotted out connectors

    It sounds odd that when you create a short the reels spin but no payout. So you need to follow the logic that there is some thing before or after that point that does the payout signal
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    Default Re: Rotted out connectors

    It almost sounds like that cap is in there as a decoupling cap. that would explain zero voltage.

    they are used to deal with ripple voltage.

    from wikipedia

    Decoupling capacitors alone may not suffice in such cases as a high-power amplifier stage with a low-level pre-amplifer coupled to it. Care must be taken in layout of circuit conductors so that heavy current at one stage does not produce power supply voltage drops that affect other stages. This may require re-routing printed circuit board traces to segregate circuits, or the use of a ground plane to improve stability of power supply.

    is it powering a 5v ic?

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    Default Re: Rotted out connectors

    Home from work, so here's the pictures. I sized them down to meet upload limit, but can send the originals via alternate methods if you need larger photos.

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    Default Re: Rotted out connectors

    The capacitor is part of a filter circuit between the transistor and the IC input to remove noise from the input signals to the chip. If something happens when you short the associated transistor, then the chip input is working OK, I'd trace back through the base resistor to whichever connector it leads to and see if there is a voltage driving the transisitor. and then back through the wiring to the sensor associated to this input.

    Trigger the sensor/switch and look for voltage changes at the connections, at the transistor and on the chip input, Do the same with another input sensor, and compare the readings to see if there are differences between them. That should allow you to deduce in which part of the circuit the problem lies. But you must trigger the sensors when making measurements, the reason for the voltage differences might just be that there are some sensors that are normally open and some that are normally closed.

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