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Thread: Hopper mods

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    Default Hopper mods

    Has anyone made a hopper work in a machine that it wasn't meant for? I have a 1996 Tri-Color and I'm missing the hopper. I was hoping maybe I could find something close and make it work.

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    Maybe I can help=== I was trying to fix up a switch to eject the tokens, on my Juggle so I didn't have to just grab handfuls. I was just studying that wiring. Most hoppers have 2 wires for motor and 3 for optic sensor. The 2 for motor is one 24V and one ground. The optic sensor will have one wire about 5v to power the IR led, one 5V to power IR receiver diode and one is a ground. Might have another ground wire too. Sooo The socket for wire to hopper should be right to left 24 V=== ground ===5V ===5V===ground and maybe another ground. Maybe someone with that machine can look at their hopper wires and confirm. I think it's just a matter of getting those wires in right place.
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