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Thread: JT-Comatz Trading Co., LTD Alibaba pachinko vendor

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    Default JT-Comatz Trading Co., LTD Alibaba pachinko vendor

    Just curious has anyone else ordered a pachinko from this Taiwan based pachinko/pachislo vendor on Alibaba? Iíve never heard of them till a couple weeks ago, but they seem to have decent prices on newer machines and cheaper ($300 to US) shipping than FromJapan; also excellent customer service so far, as they send videos of the machine you purchase being personally tested by them, pictures of the packing process, they install the proper transformer for your country, and include 500 balls; all this is included in the $199-350 price depending on the model. They reply in English so thereís no language barrier, and the sales staff reply immediately which is nice. Apparently, they can source most any newish machine you want based on what Iíve asked them! Anyhow, Iíll report back on my experience once the pachinko I ordered arrives tomorrow!

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