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Thread: Pick me a Pachinko Machine....Please

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    Default Pick me a Pachinko Machine....Please


    This wonderful world of Pachinko Machines was brought into my life last week by my wife who mentioned playing one at a friends house years ago!

    Now, I have little knowledge to all of this crazy world so I will cut this short. I WANT ONE!

    We are moving into a new house in a few months and want to surprise her with one as a house warming gift! I am not in the market for the newer machine but an older one.

    Can someone help me find one on ebay! I am in Canada but have family in the USA that it can ship to!

    Thank you so much!

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    Default Re: Pick me a Pachinko Machine....Please

    watch craiglist daily in your area, maybe one comes up, the prices sometimes include shipping on ebay and clover collectables(it cheaper if not shipped), these machines are heavy(anywhere from 50 to 100 pounds), also make sure you have extra balls, like 2000, a tray to catch balls in back of machine, also need a plan to set up (cabinet or feet with table to set on)

    Watch videos on you tube, of machines you might like, ask others on opinions, there lots of people on here that will tell you goods and bad's on any machine, the newer the machine, the more it cost, clover will get machines in the spring, so there will be a bunch to choose from there, ebay is pricey, but lots of new games

    good luck, remember 1 machine becomes 3 very fast
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    Default Re: Pick me a Pachinko Machine....Please

    Welcome to Pachitalk
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