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Thread: Legal Issues

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    Default Legal Issues

    Hello there,

    Firstly, I reside in CT. I was just wondering if it would be legal for me to buy a pachislo machine (For private recreational use).

    I have no intentions of modifying the coin mechanism to accept real currency.

    Please help a noob out!


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    Default Re: Legal Issues

    not sure what the exact laws are for you.. hear in Soviet republic of Kalifornia all good things are illegal.. unless they are antique.. but pachislo machines are plentiful and easily bought.. as are modern slot machines, no one seems to care unless you have a bunch and are inviting the public to play..

    I say ask for forgiveness before asking for permission..

    This post does not provide legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship. if you need legal advice, please contact an attorney in your area directly

    and of course

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    Default Re: Legal Issues

    Not being from CT, I can't answer from personal knowledge. However, there are quite a few machines available for sale on ebay that are in located in CT.

    To me it stands to reason that they coulcn't be for sale if they weren't already owned by somebody who lives there. Meaning it must be ok!

    I say go for it!
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    Default Re: Legal Issues

    Suffice to say they are technically illegal regardless of age here unless they are permanently modified to not accept ANY token of ANY kind you can own one.

    But no one is kicking in doors here to find them and plenty of people buy and sell on CL and ebay without a problem. There's even an arcade store in Orange, CT on RT1 that has them clearly displayed in the front window for sale.

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