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Thread: Help me choose a new machine Monster Hunter, Bio Hazzard 6..

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    Default Help me choose a new machine (Monster Hunter, Bio Hazzard 6..


    My name is Tim i'm new around here and I need some help.
    A couple of years go I bought my first pachislo machine, a Godzilla machine from Sammy.
    This is seriously one of the coolest things I have ever bought, and I feel it's time to buy a second machine.
    I live in The Netherlands and I have a couple of options available at the moment:

    Bio Hazzard 6 ($650)
    Macross ($599)
    Monster Hunter ($399)

    Now my question is which oft these machines is the most fun gameplay wise and are these prices
    acceptable ? I don't need to pay shipping costs since I can pick these up with a car.
    Btw these are all at different locations that's why I cant just go and try them out.

    Any info would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Help me choose a new machine (Monster Hunter, Bio Hazzard 6..)

    Go for the Biohazard any day. English throughout. Superb effects. Very deep games both in the base and bonus stages. I always look for an opportunity to sit down and row money through these. The best of the Biohazard series by far.
    Your man on the Pachi Frontline.

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