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Thread: Balls not feeding, blinking red light

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    Is this a non-CR machine? Itís helpful to have a Daverob dongle for troubleshooting payout issues, because you can test payouts by dispensing balls via the ball loan buttons. If itís a non-CR machine, maybe the motor isnít working?

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    Default Re: Balls not feeding, blinking red light

    I took a deeper look into the payout motor area on my Popeye machine today. I still think you could have a couple things going on but this is only about the backside to start. Looking at my pictures you will see a yellow outline around what I think is worth checking on your machine.

    Popeye ball out switch1.jpgPopeye ball out switch2.jpgPopeye ball out switch3.jpgPopeye ball out switch4.jpgPopeye ball sensors.jpg

    #1 there is a micro switch above the payout motor. The metal tab is pressed to the left by the white arm when balls fill in from the hopper above.

    #2 the white arm and switch lever pressed to the left by balls. This position should turn off the red flashing light.

    #3 thereís two each of both the white swing arms and the metal tabs on the micro switch. Itís a bit hard to see in my picture.

    #4 this is where the micro switch connects from above.

    #5 ball sensor at the bottom of the payout motor that snaps in place. There is one on the front and back.

    Any of these areas could be gummed up by debris brought in by the balls (you can see that mine will need a cleaning soon). Check the track and clean as needed. See that both white arms move freely as well as the metal tabs on the micro switch. Check for damaged or loose wires to the micro switch. Check to see if the sensors are in place below the payout motor. There is one in front and back and they pop out of place easily.

    You may also need to reset part of the system. There is a button next to the power switch. Hold this in while turning the power on and hold it in for about ten seconds.

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    Default Re: Balls not feeding, blinking red light

    I did everything suggested and I have been able to make the machine work again. The weird thing is that I used to dump the balls in the back at the top where they then feed down through the 2 white flippers etc. now I just feed them through the front and they spill out the back with no issues, ergo the balls never pass through the whole process in the back of the machine. Anyway, it is working fine and Thank You to all of the contributors on this site!

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