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Thread: Golgo13 bonus mode meltdown

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    Default Golgo13 bonus mode meltdown

    Having replacing a mouse-chewed cable, thorough cleaning including detoxit and finding a key (thanks Neil) Golgo13 seems to work pretty good.

    Only one time so far, I managed to hit the "bonus" mode, which was very entertaining but it kept going and going and doing payouts of 5, 10 or 15 tokens(depending on how many tokens are inserted) playing the loud music and flashing lights, until the hopper was completely empty of tokens, giving an error.

    At one time, the music level actually drop down to a quieter mode like something electronically internal was being over driven.

    I unplugged and reset the machine and now it seems to function normal again but I have not had it back into bonus mode.

    Was this a normal condition?

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    Default Re: Golgo13 bonus mode meltdown

    There are several Golgo Pachislo machines, so I am not sure the one you are talking about.
    But the one I had was this one..

    You can keep the bonus going by refilling the hopper and doing a soft reset of the machine, for future reference.
    To do so, refill the hopper and then close the machine back up, using the key turn it to the left and it should soft reset.

    This machine was pretty neat, I enjoyed Golgo Chance which would pop up frequently asking you to hit a Red 7 or Blue 7 or Gold Bar and what reel needed it to be.

    It was fun, but it went to a good home.


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