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Thread: Bellco Automatic 777 Slot Machine

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    Default Bellco Automatic 777 Slot Machine

    Hello my name is Dave, I am in need of a service manual for a " Bellco Automatic" also where would I find a key for this machine?

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    Default Re: Bellco Automatic 777 Slot Machine

    I'm thinking this is a Pachislo so will move it to pachislo section for you

    If you can upload a photo it will help, but I believe there was a Bellco machine called 'Automatic' from around 2003

    as Pachislos are Japanese any written info is usually in Japanese and there are no Service Manuals as such, sometimes members may have translated info themselves

    I have found this link in our archives, it's not the Automatic but i believe it is a Bellco machine of a similar age and you may find this helpful:

    However, luckily most pachislos operate in the same manner and so we do have a generic manual, link here:
    pachitalk/Manuals/Pachislots_Operation_Manual.pdf which has some brand specific info towards the latter pages

    If you have any specific issues with the machine, then do please post, the members here are very helpful and will advise

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    Default Re: Bellco Automatic 777 Slot Machine

    Welcome to Pachitalk
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