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Thread: Repair issue questions.

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    Default Repair issue questions.

    I've run into 2 issues with the machine I'm currently working on, curious to see what everyone's solutions are for these.

    1) nail broken off - I was replacing nails after polishing them, and found one of the holes had a piece of a nail still in it. As I didn't break a nail, I'm assuming it was broken before I got it.
    As it's up in the upper right corner, I may just drive a replacement nail right next to it, but has anyone been able to extract a nail in this condition?

    2) chrome is gone - This machine must of been in a costal town, the wood and background showed little to no water damage, but everything was heavily corroded. Main issues are with the lever and the finger rest, I've cleaned the rust off them, but they're already starting to oxidize again. I was thinking of cleaning them up again, and then putting some sort of clear coat on them before the can turn again. Short of re-chroming the parts, does anyone have any other suggestions?

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    Default Re: Repair issue questions.

    Possibly a pointy and sharp pair of side cutters can grab the nail. The wood would probably take some damage. Any damage could be filled with any number of different readily available products.

    As for the chrome, maybe an automotive lacquer--but good luck getting anything to look like actual chrome.

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    Default Re: Repair issue questions.

    use a small punch and push the nail threw..

    powder coat the frame in a corresponding dolor to the tray or playfield..
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    Default Re: Repair issue questions.

    I did the punch.

    I had a machine where the field wood delaminated quite a bit when I took out the nails. Joy! I was able to slather that baby up with wood glue in all the layers and clamp it, but it took a several tries to get the layers back and stable. I knew the field nail holes would be filled with glue and screwing them down was going to be hard. What I did not think about was the races holes were also filled in some places and then poking the wires through was impossible. I messed up my cel when I had to drill (even with a tiny tiny drill bit). So if you are fighting with the nails, and your board delaminates, and you have to glue... drill your races hole before you put on your cel.
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