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Thread: Eleco/Universal LCD YFlex Cable issue

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    Default Eleco/Universal LCD YFlex Cable issue


    I'm hoping someone can help. I just picked up a Eleco/Universal 'Come on! Hazuki Chan' Don pachislo and the 2" YFlex cable that connects the board to the LCD screen was damaged during shipping (Cable is torn near the connector).

    I have a few other Eleco Don machines and the cable seems like they could be compatible but I would have to dissemble the other machines to test.

    I spent some time looking on the internet with no luck to see if I could buy a replacement. If anyone had a spare sitting around in their parts bin they would be willing to sell, or if anyone had an idea on how I can fix/replace the existing part I would be greatly appreciative. The machine isn't nearly as fun without the LCD screen

    6.jpg YFlex Cable Front.jpg YFlex Cable Back.jpg
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