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Thread: Help! New to Sankyo

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    Default Help! New to Sankyo

    I am absolutely new to this let alone being on a form. I was hoping to gain some new and more information/history for this new machine that I acquired through an auction not knowing anything about it. So like I said I donít know the first thing about what I even own or let alone going ahead and restoring it. I attached a few pictures so anybody with any sort of info I would really appreciate it . Thank you so I donít think I know how to upload pictures but it is a sankyo 2000 stellar is what it says on the front, along with high grade and 6&13 in the top right corner. Thanks to anybody in advance for your help and please Bare with me as I have no experience in this.

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    Sounds like you have a modern machine, so I'll move this thread to Modern Pachinko!!

    We'll really need pics to give you more info.. I know my how to needs to be updated but see if it helps anyway!! 2mb size limit per pic!!!!

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    Welcome to Pachitalk

    did you get pachinko balls with it?? how many??
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