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Thread: Newby and hungry for info on Pachislo machine named Hat Trick

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    Default Newby and hungry for info on Pachislo machine named Hat Trick

    I just bought a Pachislo for $50 from a couple who said they got it from their father's estate. They couldn't find a key so they didn't think it worked since they plugged it in and nothing happened. I am retiured and have had a fascination with slot machines but couldn't afford a legal one. I took a chance on this one and with the help of this forum I found how to get inside without the key! I plugged it in and nothing but then I flipped a toggle switch to on and the bottom lit up and a fan started blowing near the top. Found some tokens in the mechanism and even a 1972 quarter. So here is my issue. Is there a way to test the lights, etc without closing it and putting the coins in? I need to read more on how to play it with the buttons, etc but it sure seems I have a working unit and just need to buy some more token to test it out. So, where do I go from here? I'm attaching some photos of this machine-inside and out.20180912_191407 (Copy).jpg20180912_181000 (Copy).jpg20180912_180942 (Copy).jpg20180912_181031 (Copy).jpg20180912_181042 (Copy).jpg20180912_191332 (Copy).jpg20180912_191358 (Copy).jpg20180912_180955 (Copy).jpg

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    Default Re: Newby and hungry for info on Pachislo machine named Hat Trick

    Welcome to pachitalk!
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    Default Re: Newby and hungry for info on Pachislo machine named Hat Trick

    im more of a Pachinko guy..

    a had a Pachislo that the door had to be closed on for it to work right.. an older machine like yours may not have that feature.. but since you know how to open it now its not a big deal..

    you going to need tokens for the hopper and then close it up and give it a whirlllll

    and of course

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