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Thread: What the heck has naha13 been up to?

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    Default What the heck has naha13 been up to?

    It's been quite awhile, so I'm not sure where to begin. Last year my basement flooded a couple times, then I had to get half of it jack-hammered up to replace a bunch of old cast iron sewer pipe. After that we decided to just remodel the basement (~1700 sq ft) and had to pack it out to a storage unit in the driveway and all over the upstairs. That was how the year started out, besides working and taking a physics class (I passed, by the skin of my butt). Then earlier this summer, my father-in-law passed away a few states away. I'm still working on the basement, and I'm back in a summer English class that finishes up this week, just in time for Pachitalk fantasy football. My final for this English class is an 8 page essay - on pachinko of course! I'll try to post a copy later after I submit it this week, and let everyone have a chance to "grade" it. When it gets graded I'll post what I got. Here's how it starts out:

    “Japanese Pachinko – Just a Game or Gambling Addiction?”
    At a glance, Japanese pachinko machines look just like any other harmless electronic game. What is not immediately apparent is how this seemingly simple game could be the source of a nation’s gambling woes. I argue that the difference between game and addiction is that it depends on where one lives. In Japan, pachinko is available to play everywhere for a price in casino-like shops. In America, pachinko games are imported after market and sold to private collectors for their own amusement, no fee to play required. For a better perspective of both sides, I will begin with the history of the pachinko game.
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