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    Question 1973 Nishijin Model A Help

    I recently acquired this 1973 Nishijin Model A "Tulip Cross" from a garage sale for nothing. It w at one time in her former game room until it started acting up. According to her, her ex husband fussed with it back in the day and never worked again. It was relegated to the garage which the years were not exactly the kindest. She gave it to me...or it was gonna go with the next load to the landfill.
    I would like to get it cleaned and functioning first before I decide what level of restoration I would like to have done as an addition to my man cave. However, I believe some of the rods may have been bent/tweaked/broken over the years and have yet to find any detailed close up photos or video as to the exact locations of the rods.
    Any wisdom would be appreciated for this newbie. I have been to Japan while in the military and with work. I have been to a Pachinko Parlor or two and thoroughly enjoyed the games. It would definitely be a conversation piece in my man cave. Thanks!

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