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    Smile Nishijin B sumo wrestlers

    Starting project 2 and it is filthy... less burns though.
    Start pic:
    And back
    I already got most of the jam out... they backed up the tulips. Some balls were fully rusted and some were, well, clean which was odd. It looks like someone removed two nails from the field above the sumos and the banners donít fully go out to let a ball slide on top of the sumo wrestling part, which I find odd, should it? The nails removed would have held them in.

    Except for the cover, it seems complete and the metal parts except the chrome are not rusty.

    i opened the ball feeder drawer and the part that swings out, the end is broken (plastic pin that swings), but seems functional.

    This one has glass and not plexi! Wow!

    The center tulips still seems to get jammed, but I wonít know until I can test after a clean... is this something that can be fixed?

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