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Thread: Converting from full-cyclical back to non-cyclical

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    Default Converting from full-cyclical back to non-cyclical

    I bought the SANKYO X JAPAN pachinko machine a few months back, but I found out after I bought it that it was converted to full-cyclical. I intend to use these in a convention setting, so I really need to find a way to convert it back. The parts where the plastic is cut aren't visible from the outside, so I was hoping I could just use some cardboard? I took some pictures, please let me know what other info I can provide.
    Imgur album

    The top one is from near the prize hopper where there's a cut wire, and in the 2nd one, there's a part (CN3) with nothing connected to it and CN1 looking like it was shorted. no idea if that's how they were supposed to be or if those were modifications

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    Default Re: Converting from full-cyclical back to non-cyclical

    The first cut wire looks like a ground

    You really want someone with the same frame to take some pictures of theirs with the cel out. Is it a V trigger or a V spark frame on the Fever X

    Oh. When I repair a frame. I use extruded plastic profile available from hardware shops. Either flat or L shaped then use two part filler to smooth out the joins and sand it down. Just to keep the balls flowing smoothly and prevent jams on the way out.
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