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Thread: 1977 Sankyo Akane parts for sale

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    Default 1977 Sankyo Akane parts for sale

    Hey all,
    Friend of mine called me and said he found a pachinko machine for me. The owner told him it was missing a few parts but he got it cheap enough. When he finally got it to my house, the missing parts were the whole backside! All of the guts were gone.
    So, I've stripped the machine, cleaned and refurbished all the parts and put them on eBay. If anybody is interested, do a search for "MagicJoDan". That's my eBay name. Or just search for "Vintage Pachinko Parts" and you'll find them.
    Here are a few pics of what I have.


    The tulips are really nice as are the pay pockets and center attraction.

    Thanks for looking.


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