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    Default New Nishijin owner

    New to the forum, but have used it as a research tool a bit before signing up.

    So, just purchased a Nishijin Model B over the weekend and now I'm cleaning it up and trying to get it up to playing status. The payout area has a broken arm on the lever that holds the payout shutter closed, and the clear plastic arm that triggers the loader when the firing mechanism operates has a broken piece. I've farmed it around to a couple of the restoration folks, and think I'll be able to source them.

    Been cleaning on it for a couple days now, and it's shaping up. The switches now operate, and I had all three bulbs working, until I had the back apart and accidentally put something on top of the 2 award lamps and broke them. Ah well, the rubber grommets were ancient and I'm replacing the bulbs with LED anyway, so not a deal killer!

    It's a Nishijin "No More War" 1 from what I've been able to find. It started off pretty dirty, but the colors were actually hiding under the grunge. Both my wife and I like it, and it's going to be mounted up in the garage along with another machine we're picking up this Saturday.

    This is when we brought it home.


    This is where it's at now, no glass on it as it's scratched. This was after a lot of cleaning. Even buffed up the brass. I really like the design and the colors. The ship in the center, turns over and has a large explosion cloud in it's place when it turns over. Looks neat!


    The 2nd machine we're picking up is a later 80's machine with a bunch more lights and sounds. Really liked the playfield colors, and think they'll look good next to each other. Will post a pic of that when we get it home.

    I'm sure I'll have a bunch of question as time goes on.
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