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Thread: Ball shooting mechanisms

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    Default Ball shooting mechanisms

    So, I'm trying to get a better understanding of how the ball shooting mechanisms in pachinko machines work so I could build one myself.
    As far as i can tell there are 2 types of launchers: the mechanical old ones and the newer knobs. The old ones seem a bit tedious to use so I'll be focusing on the new mechanisms. This is what I've gathered so far:
    -The harder you turn the knob the farther the balls fly.
    -The balls keep getting shot at a set pace, about 2 balls per second.
    -You either have a "pinball" style that use a solenoid or it uses a hammer.

    For the rest I have no clue how they work. How does the machine prevent the balls from getting stuck on the ramp? What mechanism does the knob use to signal the power to the launcher?
    How do the balls get transported from the main tray to the ramp? If anyone could provide in-depth explanation (preferably with pictures) that would be a HUGE help.

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    Default Re: Ball shooting mechanisms

    I know you stated that you favored the modern shooting knob...maybe this will answer some of your feeder questions.

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