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Thread: Posting here before Craigslist

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    Hey guys,

    I recently purchased a Star Wars Return of Vader Pachinko machine. I recently found out that I would have to move to a place that cannot accommodate and am looking to sell it. I bought it for $500 new and was hoping I could still get around $200 for it. It is in excellent condition, only been played about a handful of times. I ordered it from CloverCollectables and told them that there has been an issue with the potentiometers and sound. They notified me that it was a common issue with some of their potentiometers and would send me some new ones, I am currently awaiting those, but other than that its in amazing condition. It comes with 1000 balls, however I was never able to procure a ball lifter. It also has two ball...containers?...Trays? The Japanese style ones for the balls to fall into. The only catch is someone will have to come pick it up since it is massive and shipping would be a pain. I live in Illinois, in the St Clair County area and would need someone who could come by for it. I was going to list this on Craigslist and possibly ebay, but thought I would check with the community first. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you.

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