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Thread: Pics of my second and 3rd machine. And who else is doing LED lighting?

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    Default Pics of my second and 3rd machine. And who else is doing LED lighting?

    Just figured I'd share some pics of the (nearly) completed machines.

    I still need to put the new lighting in the sankyo, and I took the pics of the nishijin before I put the electrical back in, and the final cover back on.

    So, has anyone besides me been replacing the old lighting with LED lights? I've also been working on replacing some of the old leaf switches with Microswitches (based off information posted somewhere here)

    I noticed my Sankyo uses a microswitch for the 'balls empty" that is NC instead of NO, so the switch is held down when the ball tray is full, and released when the ball tray is empty. I'm going to play with this on my nishijin. The biggest issue I had in the nishijin, was if I set the switch up the same as the original, even with the lightest switch I could get, the switch would either not activate, or prevent the mechanism from operating properly. I'll post updates if anyone is interested, and noone has tried this before.

    Also, if anyone is interested, I can share the designs I created for the bracket to hold the microswitches for the Nishijin B. I've just been cutting them out of acrylic plastic. (Mental note: take picture and share it, duh)
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