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Thread: I have a Yamasa faust and need help

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    Default I have a Yamasa faust and need help


    I have a Yamasa faust slot machine model "B" withsome major problems. First.... all attraction lamps and the fluorescent lampwill not light up. The credit display lights up and shows a "0" inthe display. I tested all the switches that I could with the main boardleds.... all work. I am able to set the odds from 1 to 6 and the machine keepsthe settings. The power supply on the left center Looks like this one.

    I send a coin through the coin slot and the machine errorsout with an E0 error with an error sound through both speakers and warninglights in the top outside door flashing. Also the coin solenoid does work. WhenI press the orange button on the power supply the hopper will run in reverse. Ihave reseated all connectors and cleaned the hopper assy. There is what it seemsan aux power supply with a 3 position switch and 2 red leds that turn on onstartup briefly then go out. No wheels (there are 4) turn or lock up (does movefreely when manually pushed) . Oh also on startup the wheel lights will flash astartup pattern and then go dark.
    I am an old time electro-mechanical pinball - jukebox technicianand a current computer printer tech so I think I have the tools to do whatmight be needed. Any and all help will be appreciated.
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