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    Default Vintage Guy Goes Modern

    I just picked up a Sankyo Hi-Performance, Hi-Tech machine. That's about all I know about it. It's in pretty good shape but I couldn't get the auto shooter to function. Since the machine is modular, it was pretty easy to take apart. I've restored lots of vintage machines so I figured I'd couldn't get into too much trouble!

    It is now much cleaner (although I'll do a more thorough job later) and the auto shooter works sporadically. Sometimes it won't shoot at all and other times it just goes crazy. No consistency. I noticed there is a red light by the lock that lights when you twist the shooter know. That is also flaky.

    Everything else seems to work. All the pay pockets and features function with sound.

    Any ideas on what to do? Does it need a new motor? I don't think there are any dirty contacts since I did a cleaning, but I might have missed one.
    If I need a motor, does anybody have one for this model?

    Thanks in advance!
    Magic Pachinko Restorations

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