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Thread: Painting Chrome Parts

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    Default Painting Chrome Parts

    Has anyone ever painted badly damaged doors or frames? I've seen a couple photos where people have painted them matte black and it had a great look to it. If anyone has done this, did you like it? Did it work out well?

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    Default Re: Painting Chrome Parts

    I have never painted the actual front panel. As with the wear from balls it won't stay nice for long. I have painted the exterior frames (thin chrome around the outside) matte black before. That holds up pretty well and really makes things pop. I know CarlW has powder coated front panels and frames before. Which that would be the way to go and it will hold up well. I think to powder coat a whole frame I was getting quotes between $60-80. Though that was a few years ago. That was also with me doing all the prep work.

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