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Thread: Hanabi parts

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    Default Hanabi parts

    Hello, I just got a Hanabi Pachislo machine it works great but there are some cosmetic issues. There are some major deep scratches in some of the “plexiglass/plastic”. I have looked on eBay but can’t find what I need. Would be great if someone in this wonderful community could help! Thanks!

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    Default Re: Hanabi parts

    pictures of the offending areas would help..

    and of course

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    Default Re: Hanabi parts

    Hello HanabiMan and welcome to the group

    There is a product called Novus used for cleaning and repairing scratches. They have a three part system. Number 1 is for general cleaning, number 2 for light to medium scratches, number 3 for deeper scratches. It works well on clear panels of plastic and acrylic. I never tried it on colored parts yet. I don't know if it would affect the shade of a colored area. I recently used it for the first time and removed a deep, long and wide scratch from a 20"x20" pachislo panel over the reels. It looks great now

    It is widely available online and in some locales like pinball shops.

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    Default Re: Hanabi parts

    Waving hello and welcome!

    oh this hanabi is always having cosmetic problems too

    Seriously, as Peteybob suggests above you could try Novus, we use it on our pinballs and occasionally modern pachinkos, but you could do a test patch in an inconspicuous area first to test it

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