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Thread: Door parts for sankyo machine

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    Default Door parts for sankyo machine

    So, need some tips or leads on some parts for the door on my sankyo machine I'm about to start working seriously on.

    I was doing some initial check-out on the machine, and I noted the latch for the front panel (the glass/plexiglass) was sticky, felt like some old grease had solidified in there (it had)

    However, when I went to take it apart to clean and re-lube it, the middle piece of the mechanism literally crumbled to pieces on me. The cast aluminum had just given up. And looking at the other piece of the latch, the other is about to do the same.

    Does anyone have a line on a replacement latch, or parts for the latches? I've been looking a few weeks and haven't seen any parts listed online, And the latches seem to be fairly generic, so I'm guessing I can get the latch from several types of machines.

    The pic is the machine in question.
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