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    Default DaveRob Dongles

    Anyone else in the US stocking these?
    Akimono/CC shows just about everything out of stock..

    I am looking for 4 of them..



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    Default Re: DaveRob Dongles

    could try going straight to Dave, but might have to wait longer to arrive.
    Ian #UKPachinko

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    Default Re: DaveRob Dongles

    buy them from dave.. he is super easy to deal with.. hell of a nice guy..

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    Default Re: DaveRob Dongles

    It's worth sending a message to Clover Collectables to check if they really are out of stock. I usually get an email from them when they're running low, and I haven't heard anything yet. They're the only US seller that I know of.

    Of course I'll be more than happy to sell you the dongles direct if Clover are out of stock. Orders usually get sent out from the UK within 24 hours, and a quick check of the tracking numbers for the last few US orders is showing that most are arriving between 7 and 9 days although one of them took 2 weeks to be delivered.

    I'm hoping that Clover still have a few in stock, as my stock has got to the level where I need to make a start on a new batch, and one of the parts is on a 4 month lead time from the only supplier who hasn't discontinued it already. I'm looking for alternatives, but the only one I've found that should be suitable is 5 times the cost. The Rev2 design is coming up on 8 years old now, and that's a long time in tech circles. As the parts get superseded by smaller, faster ones, no-one buys many of the older ones and they get more expensive. Unfortunately you need to redesign to use the newer cheaper ones (and often buy new development tools to work with them!), and I don't think I've got the time and resources for a redesign to get around this right now.
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