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Thread: Balls from pachinkopagoda!!

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    Default Balls from pachinkopagoda!!

    So its been a while and i have been looking for pachinko balls.. wanted to get the most bang for my buck..

    last time i bought i got them from the guy in Guam.. reached out to him, (kinda hard to get a reply) he was as usual willing to help but we could not come to an agreed price.. after a few more searches i just decided to pay up.. but once i asked for the total and expected eta he had no balls to sell.. what a bummer..

    so back to the beginning..

    so i reached out to Dave @ pachinkopagoda...

    easy to deal with and perty quick on the reply.. with a few mails back and forth we agreed on a price that fit my budget and he made maximum use of the flat rate box (he knew he could put more balls in the box) so i got more then i expected..

    Balls arrived today Bright, Clean and nicely packed..

    so a public thanks to Dave.. And a recommendation.. If you need pachinko balls tell him Pachitalk sent ya over..

    Thanks Moparformances
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    Default Re: Balls from pachinkopagoda!!

    I send quite a lot of my customers his way to purchase balls and have yet to hear any issues.

    I guess I'll need to contact him about ordering a larger quantity as the ol' KO ball supply is getting low recently.

    100 machines and counting...

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