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Thread: Beast Sapp / Eleco reel LED alternative fix

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    Default Beast Sapp / Eleco reel LED alternative fix

    Digging through the archives, seems like even those that have taken the trouble to re-do the LEDs on the reels have found that they sometimes go out again.

    I went an alternative route - i know some may consider this a bit ghetto-fab - and used surface mount LEDs with pre-attached adhesive and wires.

    I removed all the reels, disassembled the LED board holder, and attached 4 LEDs - 2 on the top, 2 on the bottom. I ran the wires out the reel, up through the rear vents, and wired them all together to a separate 12v 1a ac adapter. (I use surge protectors with individual outlet control via alexa, so easy enough to just create a group for this machine, and group "beast sapp"as both the machine and the reel lighting.

    Anyway, came out flawlessly. My phone was overexposing, so it's a bit hard to gauge the "unlit" photo - trust me that every single LED is out

    I did my best to snap a pic of the LEDs with the reels installed - you can barely see them, which is great.


    reels after

    reels before - looks much worse in person! with the door closed, the tube light on the lcd illuminates the reels somewhat
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