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    Default My first pachinko machine

    I hadn't really been looking for a pachinko machine, but I ran across one on craigslist for $75 a couple of days ago. My grandparents had a pachinko machine when I was a kid, and my sister and I used to love playing it, so I mostly picked it up out of nostalgia.

    It was advertised as a '76 Nishijin Shiroi Kamome Super DX. Looking through some stuff here, it appears to be a Model C

    It seems to mostly be in fairly decent shape. There is some water staining on the play field, but not anything that worries me all that much.
    Someone has definitely been tinkering with it, because there's been a few obvious things that have been installed improperly (look at the hopper empty switch)
    It's missing a part that appears to be called the lower ramp cover, which I've temporarily replaced with a piece of cardboard.
    It was completely jammed with balls, which I managed to convince to come out (all except 1, I'll have to take apart a significant part of the back to get at it.) I counted 128 balls in total. I've ordered some more off ebay, hopefully they'll be here tomorrow.

    After just tinkering with pieces, I've got it mostly working at this point, except for the payoff bar which doesn't want to move freely. It takes multiple balls to push down the payoff bar, and then it doesn't reset without some manual intervention. After taking parts of the back off, I was able to track the issue to the the clear jackpot payout rocker thing rubbing against the white levers in the image below:

    Here's a picture of the wires holding the levers, do they look properly installed? I don't have a great reference photo for how those should look, just a really grainy black and white photo from an old manual:

    It appears I could probably bend those wires to get those levers to rub less, but I don't want to bend the wires if it's just a matter of one of those parts not being properly installed, thus bending something needlessly.

    There is something that looks like soda splashed in the bottom of the back, but doesn't appear to have gotten actually into anything.
    The frame is rather wobbly, and held together with a mix of nails and screws, and there appears to have been an attempt to add a block of wood to hold it more stably, so I think I'll take apart the frame, and glue it so it holds a little better.

    I've slowly been cleaning some of the parts in the back. Some of the clear plastic parts, I'd assumed they were just yellowed a bit with age, but most of the yellow came off with some cleaning.
    Someone had poorly attempted to work on the electrical bits in the back, but with a little fiddling, the lights all seem to work again.

    There's a mix of old and new screws, and whoever worked on it last rounded out the heads on a lot of the screws. Does anyone know what size/type of screws I should be looking for to replace them?
    I also found one where the plastic threads one of the screws went into was stripped out. The threads are in one of the clear plastic pieces, is there a good way to fix that hole? I ran across something saying you could wrap the screw with teflon tape, fill the hole with epoxy and then screw the screw back in until the epoxy hardens. Apparently the epoxy won't stick to the teflon so you can just remove the screw once the epoxy hardens. I haven't tried it, but it's a thought.

    If you're interested in any other pictures, here's an album of pictures I took over the last couple of days:
    Let me know if you see anything obviously wrong or missing. Speaking of missing, it kind of looks like it's meant to have a cover over the payoff bar, should there be a cover there? It doesn't look like it will cause issues by not having a cover in that area, but it kind of seems like there should be one.

    Oh, one other question for now. The one my grandparents had didn't have a foul lane, so I'm not used to it. There looks like there's a slot in the flapper over the foul lane that looks like it might be meant for sticking something into to disable the foul lane. Is that something I can actually do, disable the foul lane, or should I just work on getting better at not shooting the balls as far as I absolutely can?


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