Trying to get this thing up and going but it's my first Pachinko. I know I have the wrong upper ball tray, but it's all I could find, the original slid in on some side brackets.
I don't think that is an issue, except for some spilling, I'll fix that.

Not sure what to tell you, this looks like a lot of other but is table tennis themed and has 2 hippos on the bottom of the game board.

I searched high and low but I can not find a shot of a machine with the same backside as mine. Or I'm completely missing something or searching the wrong terms.

I know there is a weighted lever that is broken on the first chute off the upper ball supply. But is it supposed to be connected to something or ?? and on the opposite end of that chute there is a dual flap that appear to flatten the ball supply if they are doubled up and a toothed barrier to stop the supply with a tab on it that on mine is not connected.

It would be real helpful if someone had a clean shot of a complete game so I know what I'm missing.