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Thread: Wood Veneer on Door

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    Default Wood Veneer on Door

    To all our best restorers, have any of your removed and replaced the wood veneer on the front of a Nishijin Model B? My machine has some dings, and it is a little ugly. I feel like it wouldn't be too hard to replace the veneer.

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    Default Re: Wood Veneer on Door

    never veneered a pachinko but i have worked with veneer before. remove the old venner with a putty knife or similar and use an iron with steam to get off the stubborn parts. fill in any nicks and sand everything smooth. i use "heat lock" wood veneer glue which is water based and easy to use. apply glue to both surfaces and let dry. then position veneer onto frame and iron it down. it's super easy.
    my first veneering project ( a painting of a Dutch cheese ad from 1960) was done by using heat lock glue to adhere sapele wood veneer to a birch plywood frame. each of the three panels is 6 by 2 feet and turned out great. you just have to be methodical about ironing the whole surface but that would be easy on a pachinko machine.
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    Default Re: Wood Veneer on Door

    I have not replaced veneer, but here is an alternate method used by Mr. Al.

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    Default Re: Wood Veneer on Door

    At one point I completely replaced the veneer on a model B with a single sheet of Birch veneer. That wasn't cheap, especially seeing I cut it out of a single piece so all the grain went the same direction. It turned out really nice once it was done.

    Usually if nicks are small (smaller than a quarter) we fill them in with Durhams (found at most home improvement stores) which is a water based epoxy / wood filler. If you plan to stain your machine a dark color mix the stain with the filler powder. Larger chunks...well might want to find another frame.

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