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Thread: RetroPie setup

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    Default RetroPie setup

    I have been tinkering with a Raspberry Pi 3B and Retropie 4.2.
    I ended up buying a Kit on Amazon for $65 that included everything I needed to start minus a controller. I have been playing with NES/Famicom and Super NES/S.Famicom roms... and the current onboard Mame emulator which takes 0.78 Rom sets (currently).

    I ended up pairing a PS4 controller to it via bluetooth.. works great.. and since I setup Download Manager I can web into my Pi3 and drop Roms from my PC..

    Very very simple to do.. probably took about 45min from start to completion with most of that time waiting for the Pi3b to update.

    My only complaint is that 0.78 is pretty old for Mame.. there are several ROMS that are buggy with this release buy work in the newer (1.0 and later) mame sets..

    I have used Raspberry Pi devices for other projects.. but this may be the neatest thing with these guys yet.

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    Default Re: RetroPie setup

    Ian #UKPachinko

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