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Thread: Update to setting up a some pachinko controls

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    Default Update to setting up a some pachinko controls


    So I posted a little while ago about hacking the pachinko in order to support tournaments and the like and thought it would be good to put out an update.

    Thanks to the info on daverob's site and his help I'm starting to make some progress.

    The idea is to build an interface for an arduino controlled system that I could then link multiple machine up in a tournament setting and program some tournament rules into the system. Step one is setting up a power circuit that can be programmatically controlled by the tournament software. So I hacked into the 24vac supply, converted it to dc voltage then added 3 boards to allow for stepped down voltages to control various aspects. The first circuit dials down the voltage to a voltage that can power the arduino. The second circuit supplies the 18v power needed for the card reader bypass and the 3rd circuit will be powering a ticket dispenser that I will use to dispense tickets for various reasons.

    As of now itworks fine and each power amount can be turned on and off from a pc sending commands to the arduino. So if you have time based rounds the computer will enable 18v at the start of the round to allow the shooter to launch balls. When the timer reaches 0 it will disable 18v and the shooter knob will stop functioning so no more balls can be shot.

    Next will be to add the wiring needed to control the credit displays on the front of the machine to allow for freeplay or a limited number of ball 'buy ins' I'l update more in the future with some videos and additional photos as the project comes along.

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