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    Default Looking for info


    I acquired an old (at least I think) pachinko machine from a relative. I know nothing about the these machines and would like to try to find out some info about it. If anyone can tell me the manufacture and the age of the machine or anything else , it would be greatly appreciated. The machine is in pretty rough condition so I'd also like to know if anyone can give me some advice on whether it is worth selling or restoring. Anything helps.

    Thank you,
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    Default Re: Looking for info

    Hello Jason and welcome to the group

    Nice looking vintage machine with all the metal on the front. I'm more into the modern machines but others will be along throughout the weekend.

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    Smile Re: Looking for info

    Waving Hello and Welcome to PachiTalk!

    I did a bit of researching for you and I do believe I've found a picture of another machine just like yours, it even has the same background graphics!

    according to the link, the manufacturer is Sanyo and the machine dates to the 1960's

    here's the link:

    and here's the picture of that one at left compared to yours on the right:
    sanyo 1960s.jpgIMG_0152.JPG

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    Default Re: Looking for info

    Welcome to Pachitalk, Nimoman. I think you have a machine from the early 60's. If memory serves me correctly maybe 62 or 63. The reason I choose that date is that up until that time all the machines were single shot machines. Yours is a multi shot or repeater or whatever someone may want to call it. Basically you have an upper tray to put balls in and they will launch as fast as you flip the flipper versus having to load a ball before every shot. After just a year or two they made these illegal and all machines went back to single shot for a few more years before it became legal to build multishot machines. I don't see a single shot ball loading hole anywhere on the front of the machine so I don't believe it to be a single shot to multishot conversion.

    I am not so sure this is a Sanyo. The stylized M above the center feature is from another manufacturer. I have a machine or two around here with that M, but can't remember the brand. Perhaps it is Matsuya. I will see if I can dig one out and verify.

    I love that background. The fact that the machine is likely a multishot from the early 60s may add some value, but the machine is in pretty rough shape with the chipped corners and rusty metal in the back. I am sure you could sell it, but you probably wouldn't make much money. If you have any interest at all in the machine, you might be better off buying 500 balls and playing the machine to see how you like it. Let us know what you decide to do.

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    Default Re: Looking for info

    Upon first glance of the pictures I was going to guess Sanyo or Matsuya. Thanks for the help in determining that Angie.

    It is certainly pre 65. I'd say Spyder is pretty close with 63. As you can tell later on they started using a lot more plastic on the back of the machine. Below are pictures of a Sanyo built somewhere between 68-70 I'd say. So yours for sure predates this one.


    That machine would clean up pretty nice seeing it is all complete.

    100 machines and counting...

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