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Thread: Original Lumina cells and Lumina GT cabinet?

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    Default Original Lumina cells and Lumina GT cabinet?

    Does anyone know if these are compatible? I have a King Blade in the Lumina GT cabinet, but recently purchased a cell for Julie Pinball, and now I'm concerned that they won't be compatible.

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    Default Re: Original Lumina cells and Lumina GT cabinet?

    I think Daverob once said no as the frame connections for the lighting are different. Might be worth doing a search on the forums as my memory isn't as good as it once was.

    If you can take a picture of the 4 pink connectors on your GT frame and I'll compare them to a lumina cel
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    Default Re: Original Lumina cells and Lumina GT cabinet?

    sorry can help ya with the details but wanted to say

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