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Thread: Resistor size for volume control?

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    Default Re: Resistor size for volume control

    Quote Originally Posted by AnythingObscure View Post

    Meanwhiles before I actually do so -- does anyone have any advice as to what I should do with the existing amplifier and its volume control to avoid inadvertently damaging them in process?? My natural inclination would be to leave all existing set (as it is now) at its lowest volume level and then use the new pots to further 'attenuate' that signal level as little as possible more to tone it down -- in other words adding as little as possible further "purely resistive" load to the machine's amplifier. Beyond that my experience doesn't go too far into the whole "inductive" part of amplifiers and speaker systems there a chance it might be better to do something else to ultimately keep all that stuff happy and unmelted/fried...??
    im not expert but i have read and been told to leave volume control at its high setting..
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