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Thread: heiwa Bros, Rambo pachinko, frame id? Sound wires info?

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    Default heiwa Bros, Rambo pachinko, frame id? Sound wires info?

    Just bought my first pachinko machine and now I wonder if the Japanese have hearing problems. This Is just so loud. Is there a switch? Or where / which are the wires for the speckers to mod this? And for this game is 500 balls the minimum recommended amount?

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    Default Re: heiwa Bros, Rambo pachinko, frame id? Sound wires info?

    You probably need 1500-2000 balls to play the machine comfortably.

    If if you trace the wires from the speakers you should be able to find a good spot to slice in some pots to better manage volume levels. I believe there are a few threads on how to install and proper specs for the pots. you'll just have to use the search feature.

    There should also be a 3 position slide switch on the back of the machine that translate to small, medium, large sound. The left most position is the lowest volume, but even that is usually ear splitting.

    Oh, and welcome to Pachitalk.

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    Default Re: heiwa Bros, Rambo pachinko, frame id? Sound wires info?

    first off

    Welcome to Pachitalk

    love these...

    ya have to solder them in but there small and easy to hide.. They work great for Pachinko and pachislo both..
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