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Thread: Pachinko ball return box

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    Default Pachinko ball return box

    My pachinko is mounted on the wall so my grand kids can use it.
    Problem I had was a constant- we are out of playing balls, didn't matter how many I put in the tray,
    So I added a return shoot to the bottom tray.
    Now all balls that are "lost' return to the tray.
    If the tray fills, which it will if you win a lot, they just remove
    some of the balls to a box next to the machine.
    See picture of simple mod.
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    Default Re: Pachinko ball return box

    The difference between parents and grandparents. Parents would be busting a gut trying to find a ball lifter. Grandparents just figure out a way to get the grandkids to do it themselves. - Home Page
    Definition: Racecar-a device that turns money into noise.

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